Die Tränen der Weihrauchbäume – Raubbau durch DoTerra?

Die Tränen der Weihrauchbäume – Raubbau durch DoTerra?

Lange habe ich überlegt, ob ich hier etwas über die beliebte Firma DoTERRA berichten soll. Es kommen mir seit einem Jahr immer wieder Informationen aus Somalia zu Ohr, dass DoTERRA zum Teil für die Überernte der Weihrauchbäume verantwortlich ist. Je tiefer ich in die Problematik eintauche, desto verzwickter wird die Sache. Und ich treffe alte Bekannte wieder: Den Chef der Asli Maydi Export Firma, der mit DoTERRA zusammenarbeiten und der mich selbst vor zwei Jahren nach Somalia eingeladen hat, damit ich in Europa den Vertrieb von „seinem“ Weihrauch übernehme. Doch mein Gefühl damals war ungut und so sagte ich ab.  Später erfuhr ich, dass der Chef dieser Firma in Waffengeschichten verwickelt sein soll.

Bisher war der Raubbau des Weihrauchs von DoTerra und Asli Maydi auf Somaliland beschränkt, doch ich habe vor kurzem gehört, dass Alsi Maydi und DoTerra ihre Fühler auch auf die Bari-Region in Puntland ausgestreckt haben und begonnen haben dort Tonnenweise Weihrauch zu kaufen. Aus dieser Region Bari importiere auch ich und es ist meine Pflicht, alles dafür zu tun, dass die Weihrauchbäume geschützt werden.

Ich kann nicht beweisen, dass DoTERRA ein Wolf im Schafspelz ist und ich kann es mir als Blogger und Weihrauchimporteur auch nicht erlauben gegen eine große Firma, wie DoTERRA, zu wettern. Doch es herrscht Meinungsfreiheit in Deutschland und zumindest kann ich die Worte anderer, beunruhigter Landsmänner aus Somalia hier wiedergeben.

Der folgende Text stammt von Ahmed Abdi, der diesen Text  auf www.somalilandsun.com veröffentlicht hat, ein Hilferuf aus Somalia. Übrigens habe ich gerade vor der Veröffentlichung des Artikels aus Somalia gehört, dass der Mann, der den Artikel geschrieben hat, im Gefängnis gelandet ist und mundtot gemacht wurde. Wer Geld hat, hat Macht!

Somaliland: DoTERRA and Local Partner Asli Maydi Impact Environment Negatively through Over-tapping Frankincense Trees

We conduct a comprehensive environmental survey of evidences gathering and information sharing to Sanaag frankincense growers and harvesters, we also listen the chief elders complaints. Indeed, DoTERRA on-the-ground partner in Somaliland the Asli Maydi Export LTD, severely compromised both environmental sustainability and donations fraudulent and scams. Exploiting the vulnerable and voiceless frankincense harvesters and grower will have negative implication and consequences at international level. DoTERRA thrown aid funds into corrupted on the ground partner supplier. He has chosen to collaborate with doTERRA, because he was criminal fugitive at large escaped from United Kingdom, and then creates huge environmental impact.”

It is time DoTERRA will hold accountable, null and void sustainable methods outlined remain fabrication and lies. Calmadow Mountain treasures the ancient and powerful frankincense resin. Quality source never protects both the trees and the harvesters’ but DoTERRS demand driver creates over harvesting and kills madar mooge trees as we demonistrate.
Sanaag Frankincense resin has long been considered a most holy and precious resins worldwide. It is carefully extracted from the resin of the Boswellia frereana and Boswellia Carterii tree.

Somaliland: DoTERRA and Local Partner Asli Maydi Impact Environment Negatively through Over-tapping Frankincense Trees

In 2017, the Frankincense Oil sales in Skin care was XX, and it will reach XXX in 2023; while the sales Market Share in Skin care was XX% in 2017 and will be XXX% in 2023. DoTERRA is one of the Global Frankincense Oil Sales and Market Share of Key Players (2013-2018) the top players cover , AMÉO, De Monchy Aromatics, DoTERRA, AOS Products Private Limited and Nature’s Sunshine Products (NASDAQ:NATR) etc., which are playing important roles.
Worldwide Frankincense Oil Sales 2018 Research Report presents a professional and complete analysis of Global Frankincense Oil Sales Market on the current situation. This press release was orginally distributed by SBWire
The recent research, Frankincense Oil Sales market enables stakeholders, field marketing executives and business owners get one step ahead by giving them a better understanding of their immediate competitors for the forecast period, 2018 to 2025. Most importantly, the study empowers product owners to recognize the primary market they are expected to serve. To help companies and individuals operating in the Frankincense Oil Sales market ensure they have access to commensurate resources in a particular location the research, assess the size that they can realistically target and tap.
The market intelligence report offers a clear sense of different consumer groups and their needs to help product owners meet the requirements and generate riches and profitability. Apart from this, the report aims at outlining whom the business owners operating in the Frankincense Oil Sales market should not target and also what are the main alternatives and competitive offerings are. Defining the major challenges and problems remains the key focus of the study. Problem definition covered in the report provides a systematic approach to recent investments and makes product marketing both easier and effective.

Doterra over demand and overharvesting of wild frankincense trees, we were sad to see harm trees, and more international attention should give to this severe environmental concern. by doTERRA and their on ground supplier who is no social and environmental responsible, their previous harvesting sites were dead half of the frankincense trees mainly Ceel-Afweyn site, including Huluul, Laas-doomaare. doTERRA total failure to protects both the trees and the harvesters’ , and ensure the people in those producing communities have fair compensation for the work they doing. As the matter of fact, doTERRA supplier was taken advantage in need frankincense farmers,
However, we urge other essential oil and aromatherapy companies to take environmental sustainable responsible way and recommend to buy directly from the harvesters, middle men or broker have been compromised the environment for decades.

so far, doTERRA has compromised to sourcing each essential oil responsibly—taking even didn`t care marginalized , vulnerable and underrepresented frankincense harvesting communities. Indeed, their on-the-ground partner in Somaliland has been criminal fugitive from UK, not trustworthy similar to those highlighted in the Somaliland media article. He has chosen to collaborate with doTERRA, because doTERRA is not socially and environmental responsible “ $ 3.3 million dollar pre-investment into the communities of Somaliland. dōTERRA plans to open a regional hospital in the Sanaag region of Somaliland in Spring 2018 which will serve 400,000 people, and has already constructed 2 schools which provide much needed education for local youth. We contact Somaliland ministry of Education and higher studies as well as Somaliland ministry of Health and Labor. Both confirmed the project funds were corrupted by DoTERRA partner ASLI MAYDI EXPORT LTD , and Dr. Anjanette Decarlo , DeTERRA environmental representative.

In addition lacked to protecting frankincense trees and the surrounding environment, The doTERRA Co-Impact Sourcing Initiative were never support frankincense harvesters with fair wages by bypassing brokers and working directly with the communities who grow, harvest and sort the frankincense. But only invest their fraudulent supplier ASLI MAYDI EXPORT LTD, and shame to blame social abuse and environmental impact partnership.

ASLI MAYDI EXPORT LTD only provides food as payment once the year in order to exchange frankincense resin, poor harvesters to feed their families. 1 kilo of resin value $5 dollar equivalent for food value prices, as well as the cleaning and sorting of the resins were never build neither doTERRA nor ASLI MAYDI LTD, sorting resin destination are handled other Burco City warehouses. Where ASLi MAYDI EXPORT LTD built their synthetic Frankincense distiller industry, where fair trade certification will never be possible, and environmental insecurity , and frankincense dual use oil for biological and chemical warfare are possible if not probable.

Once a year- access to food and unfair price significantly increases the over-harvesting of trees in harvest every month by increasing desperation, ASLI MAYDI EXPORT LTD and DoTERRA collectively cause severe environmental damages to their previous harvesting sites like the Ceel-Afweyn frankincense farms that most of trees were dead, and harvesting communities complaints sky rocketed, the question is who guards the guardian ???

the community by paying $2 per day women to clean and sort the resins all while doTERRA failure to ensuring fair labor conditions and promoting safe and healthy working environments free from exploitive practices, harassment and kin discrimination presence. Because the cleaning and sorting of resins takes place directly in the other city called Burco areas where they are collected, sorted. Harvesting community women never benefit directly or indirectly from much needed income opportunities. One main factor caused Dr anjanette Decarlo deportation, after she fabricated lies to Doterra and wrong fully stands with her passionate boy friend who is her client supplier.

Most notably, doTERRA lies about building schools and medical facilities in the vastly underserved regions of Somaliland. Not even registered government concerned institutions so far.baseless fake and fabrication building.

Ultimately, we consider our stewardship of frankincense, the trees and DoTERRS partners a compromised responsibility. At moment Madar Moge frankincense forests are in danger and over harvesting ASLI MAYDI EXPORT LTD. We could ask for a greater motivation Doterra and that our on-the-ground partner “keeps doing environmental harm, rather than good work.” Community complaints

doTERRA’s and extensively with their partner Somaliland ASLi MAYDI EXPORT LTD previous harvesting sites earlier in 2016 were overtapping harvesting seasons exceed eight months Ceel-Afweyn frankincense farms half were dies. We assess at-risk trees, it is devastated impact made by these companies, and presents such a professional environmental assessment report to make an informed decision maker and policy experts. Also wake up call for the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources to take their responsibilities very serious. Compensate the exploited communities and restore their hope, before it is too late. Otherwise the doTERRA and Co-trader will face full fair trade certification review, at an international level.

Ahmed Abdi
Environmental Advocy
Frankincense Harvesting Communities complaints & severing case study